About project

About us

Research Laboratory for Computer Graphics and Geoinformation Systems was established within the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics of the Technical University of Sofia. The laboratory is known in Bulgaria with the family of thirty different software products Acstre, whose aim is to automate the activity of different types of administrations. Starting with an academic GIS universal project in 1987, Acstre systems today are installed in more than 3000 work places. The lab is better known as Software group Acstre.

Acstre products are installed and successfully work in more than 300 administrations, including municipalities and district administrations, ministries and agencies. Among the major clients of Software Group Acstre are Sofia Municipality with 24 regional administrations, Administration of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, CEZ with its subsidiaries and others.

The problem we solve

Currently, a large number of municipal administrations do not provide an easy and accessible way of reporting existing issues or out-of-town problems. Typically, the procedure for submitting such issues is cumbersome, formal and discouraging for the conscientious citizen. That is why we created the "Mayor, look!" System - a platform for reporting unurgent alerts.


"Mayor, look!" is a platform for easy reporting of unurgent issues of different nature to municipal administrations. For example - a hole in the asphalt in front of your home, a broken cluster, scattered garbage, improperly parked car. Reporting is done through the web (https://kmetevij.com) and / or a mobile application that allows citizens to take pictures and provide a brief description. Information is sent to a server that, depending on the location and keywords, automatically classifies the problem and directs it to the appropriate municipal administration. The issue can be automatically entered into the document flow system or sent to the official e-mail of the municipality. The citizen provides contacts that can receive information about the status of the problem.

Benefit from the system

The system shortens the gap between citizens and their administration and increases the opportunity to report problems and signals by encouraging citizens. It is known that when a conscientious citizen sees a problem and is willing to report it, he must spend a lot of effort and nerves to get the result. Still for the country a single phone for unurgent calls has not been realized. The mobile application "Mayor, look!" allows you to send information about the problem in a few easy steps, without having to search for the correct telephone of the relevant department of the respective municipal administration, and the citizen is confident that the signal will arrive wherever it should . The fact that there is feedback allows citizens to control the actions of the administration.


The system consists of a web server application that receives and processes alerts, mobile applications and a dedicated client, which is located on the computers of the organizations, which records the signals in the administration's document flow system.